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John Fox & Damien Woody Say That The Bears Had The Worst Offseason

Here’s the clip: if the embed somehow doesn’t work –

Here’s the quote: 

“I think losing Vic Fangio… is huge,” Woody said. “That Chicago Bears defense, it literally fueled their offense. It’s the identity of the Bears and when you lose a talented defensive coordinator like that, I think there’s going to be some slippage there.”

“I think when you’re going to play defense, you’re going to lean on your takeaways to help a young offense and you don’t have a kicker, a reliable kicker that you’re going to need those points from after some of those turnovers,” Fox said. “I think the kicking question is really big right now in Chicago and I think that might be a problem going into the season.”

Look, I’m obviously biased. I love the Chicago Bears and will try to defend them whenever I think that they’re getting a raw deal from someone.

But, bias aside I genuinely don’t understand how someone can say that they had the WORST offseason in the entire NFL. And it was said by not only one, but TWO members of the panel. That’s why I included Damien Woody in the headline too. Because this isn’t just about John Fox like everybody in Chicago is making it out to be, because they think that he has sour grapes. This is about two real people who have spent time in the NFL and are now on TV who came to the conclusion that the Chicago Bears had the worst offseason in the NFL.

I’m honestly not even going to sit here and tell you why it’s not true because it’s too asinine to even make me waste my time. Every good team loses coaches in the offseason. Sure, you can argue that the Bears defense may be worse without Fangio, but to have that as your sole reason is lazy. Especially when Pagano is pretty damn heralded.

I’ll even accept Fox’s answer somewhat too. It doesn’t seem like we have our kicker situation completely figured out when it was the reason why we got bounced from the playoffs last year. Not great. But, once again if that’s your only con then what the fuck are you even doing on TV? That’s enough to warrant us worse than the Jets & Texans GM fiascos? Worse than the Steelers losing TWO superstars? Worse than Gruden continuing to be a dummy?

Get outta my face with that.

Bear Down.