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LaMelo Ball Is Taking His Talents Down Under To Play For The Illawarra Hawks Of The NBL


Did LaVar do it again or did LaVar do it again? The Triple B’s are all gassed up and heading to the Land Down Under after turning the prep hoops world upside down. There’s something just poetic about that for The Decision 2.0.

I know people will say that RJ Hampton was the first high school player to choose the NBL over the NCAA. But the Ball Boys were playing hoops on the other side of the globe while RJ was still flirting in Home Ec.

Everything LaVar Ball does is crazy until someone else tries to do it. He sends his kids across an ocean to play professional ball, all of a sudden other kids start doing the same. Big Var starts his own NCAA-killer league, the NBA expands the G-League to high school graduates. And I guarantee that LeBron will start his own shoe line BBB-style by the time Bronny is ready for the NBA before he lets another Nike exec eat off the James name.

But today is about the LaMelo and the Ball family. I can’t wait to see him drop buckets at really weird hours that feel like I’m watching an Olympics game and I REALLY can’t wait for the Big Cat vs. LaVar Ball rivalry that is more inevitable than Big Daddy Thanos showing up when all the Infinity Stones are together.