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Congratulations To "Plant Guy" For Finally Giving Kawhi Leonard His Housewarming Plant

How could we forget the man that stole the show the night the Raptors won the NBA title

Well because the internet rules, we have a follow up to this legend. Today during the parade it looks like the man was finally able to give Kawhi his housewarming present. What an awesome moment. If you’re a bit skeptical this was the same guy, we can confirm it was

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 1.03.45 PM

Much better decision to bring a way more manageable plant to the parade. If this even plays a 5% role in Kawhi staying in Toronto the Raptors need to hook this dude up with season tickets or something along those lines. For all we know this was the thing that finally got Kawhi to change his mind and not head out West. What’s he going to do, throw away that houseplant? Doubtful. This guy has been looking for Kawhi since Thursday and all he wanted to do was tell him he loved him and give him his plant. We don’t get a ton of positive stories on the internet these days so this was great to see. Just a man giving another man a plant in hopes he stays and plays for his favorite basketball team. A tale as old as time.

So congratulations Plant Guy, the entire city of Toronto thanks you for your service.