The Raptors Parade Is A Nice Reminder That The City Of Toronto Would Burn To The Ground If The Leafs Won The Cup

Today is the parade in downtown Toronto for the Raptors first NBA Championship in franchise history and it looks pretty insane. I’ve got to hand it to Raptors fans, these people are insane and love their team. But there are zero questions in my mind that the city would be 10x crazier and would burn to the ground if the Leafs won.

I have a few friends from Toronto who are adamant about how big the Raptors fan base is in Toronto and I’m not here to doubt that one bit, Raptors fans look as passionate as they come. But Leafs fans….Leafs fans are another breed. And I get it, the Raptors are “Canada’s team” being that they are the only NBA team in Canada, but like I just said, Leafs fans are on another level.

If the Toronto Maple Leafs won people would come from far and wide. Hockey fans would come from all around the world to see the Leafs parade through the city of Toronto with Lord Stanley.

Toronto is the biggest hockey market in the world. There is really no doubting that, right? Everywhere you go in Canada you can find a Leafs fan. Whether they are a part of the old school Leafs fan base or the new younger generation that has latched on to Matthews and Marner, Leafs fans are everywhere.

Can you imagine what The Toronto Tavern would be like if the Leafs won it all!? That place would be the party center of North America. No one gets after it like TTT.

So if the Leafs can figure this out and actually get a championship sometime in the next 100 or so years, the city may actually burn to the ground.