UFC Double Champ Amanda Nunes, Who Says She Doesn't Like Putting Make-Up On Her Face, Is Now Putting It On Her Booty

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Just a quick update on the UFC Women’s Bantamweight/Featherweight Champion, who says she doesn’t like putting makeup on her face – she’s now putting it on her booty.

Anyway, since this’ll be my most clicked blog of the day, I’d like to share with you that I had Coach John Kavanagh of SBG Ireland on my podcast today, My Mom’s Basement, and we discussed just about everything you’ve been wondering about the OG Champ Champ, I think. I made my frustrations with Conor McGregor’s recent actions and antics clear, we talked through all of it, we touched on the rumors surrounding Kavanagh and McGregor’s relationship following UFC 229, we talked about Conor’s recent injury and what’s next for him…it’s a great time. I think you’d enjoy it. Please go check it out!