Air Drake Doing Multiple Fly-Overs At The Raptors Parade Is A Hell Of A Flex

I think we can all agree that Drake’s participation in the NBA Finals alternated between ridiculous and hilarious before finally settling on flat out absurd when the Raptors took home the chip.

But there is really no way to spin flying your own personal airplane with your logo on it over the championship parade of your hometown team other than impressive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also ridiculous, hilarious, and flat out absurd like all the other shit involving Drake and sports. But being able to pump God knows how much money worth of gas into a plane and hire a pilot to fly in fucking circles just so you can remind everyone in your city that you have your own plane is an unbelievable move that even my dog Tony Stark would think was a tad excessive. But Drake is actually doing that shit in real life after getting clowned for years for being a front-runner and a jinx. Nothing you can really do but tip your cap.

Then again, if this is the face of your franchise that just won a championship, someone else clearly needs to be in charge of swagger during the parade.