The City Of Toronto Is Already Buzzing On Parade Day

Few things in life and better than parade day. Having experienced a few in my life I can say that with a good amount of confidence. Wether it’s your first or your 12th there really is nothing like it. Hundreds of thousands if not more all gather together in the streets and go absolutely nuts. This weekend the city of St. Louis got their taste of parade life, and 300,000 people reportedly showed up. That’s a pretty awesome turnout and the footage YP was able to capture sure looked like a great time. Well make no mistake, the city of Toronto is about to shit all over that with an estimated TWO MILLION people are expected to attend the festivities.

That is such an outrageous number my brain can’t fully comprehend and as you can see from the videos above people have been pouring in all morning. We even have a fake Kawhi guy! You know there are some people who are going to be tricked into that really being Kawhi which means that guy is about to have the best day of his life. Of course Drake is getting his own float too, if you thought he would be down to just ride a double decker bus like the rest of his teammates you my friend have never seen Drake before. Frankly he earned it in my opinion, I’m on record in saying he’s been just as instrumental to this title than any of the players with all of his jedi mind tricks and trolling and it’s only right that he gets to rock his own float.

In term of the size of this parade personally I’ve experienced something similar. Back when the Sox broke their curse in 2004, I remember how my principal basically ordered everyone to go to the parade because we weren’t sure we would ever see one again, that one had around three million people. Even all these years later it was still one of the best moments of my life. People were legit weeping because the whole thing seemed so surreal, and this was after already experiencing some Patriots success. Other notable crowds existed in other sports, around two million people gathered for the Blackhawks in 2013, then another two million for the Phillies in 2008, with the White Sox getting 1.75 million, and the Cavs getting 1.3 million, so as you can see the city of Toronto is hanging with the big boys, as expected.

With Kawhi’s future uncertain and now more and more rumors heating up that he may be that third wheel to join LeBron and AD in LA, I would just ignore all that if I was a Raptors fan and have the day of your life. Who knows if you ever get this chance again, and something tells me the footage we get throughout the day from the festivities is going to be awesome.