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Millionaire's Wife Gets Prenup Thrown Out After Judge Says She Was Forced Into Signing It....Wait What?


A millionaire’s wife has won a landmark bid to have her prenuptial agreement torn up after a judge ruled she was forced into signing it. Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis, 37, from Long Island, claims her tycoon husband coerced her into accepting the document four days before their lavish wedding in June 1998. In an ‘unprecedented’ ruling last month, an appellate panel decided Peter Petrakis, 41, had ‘fraudulently induced’ his wife to sign and that his ‘credibility was suspect.’ Calling the document ‘a knife in my heart from Day One,’ she testified that Mr Petrakis threatened to cancel the wedding if she didn’t sign the agreement, reported the New York Post. Mrs Cioffi-Petrakis said her husband promised to ‘tear up’ the document after the couple had children. He also vowed to put their Old Brookville home under both their names.But Mrs Cioffi-Petrakis, who is a stay at home mother, said that he failed to carry out his promise, even after they couple had twin sons and a daughter.On February 20, a Brooklyn Appellate Court panel unanimously affirmed two Nassau County court decisions, saying Mr Petrakis, ‘fraudulently induced’ his wife to sign the prenuptial agreement and found his ‘credibility to be suspect.’ Mrs Cioffi-Petrakis’ lawyer, Dennis D’Antonio said the decision ‘is unprecedented, vacating a pre-nup on the basis of a verbal promise,’ even though a clause in the contract says there were no verbal promises.

I don’t get it. This prenup specifically says there were no verbal promises yet it’s been thrown out because the dude didn’t live up to his promises? That makes no sense.  Plus how can you be forced into signing a prenup anyway?   Nobody had a gun to her head.  If you don’t want to get married with the prenup then don’t get married.  Seems simple enough to me.   I mean marriage is still a choice right?   If a dude really loves you or really wants to make the marriage work he won’t make you sign one. Like if I had to guess I’d say one thousand percent of marriages that have prenups end in divorce. It’s like quitting before you even begin. Bottomline is you have no self pride if you sign a prenup and you have nobody to blame but yourself when you get dumped. Yeah no shit he cheated on you sweetie. What did you think the prenup was for? Because he planned on living happily ever after? Chicks are so stupid. If a guy wants a prenup don’t get married and stop giving up the pussy. It’s that simple.

PS – Who would trust this guy anyway?  Maybe the most untrustworthy face of all time.