The Rumors Are True!


Free at last, free at last! Folks, I took the plunge and I’ve never felt more alive. I’ve been wearing a hat to hide my balding/receding hairline for the last few years. Rarely left the house without a hat. It wasn’t really out of shame, but more because I knew it looked kinda bad and there was no real way to make it better. So I finally took the plunge and as SVP says, brought it home. And brother, I wish I did that much earlier. It’s so freeing. I feel so alive. I might burn all my hats and throw the ashes into the sea. Many people are saying I look like Ricochet from WWE

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 6.26.26 PM

Their words, not mine.

I’d like to recommend this move to everyone who is struggling. Just do it. No need to hang on any longer. Join the squad.

And a message from the leader of the gang himself…

Now if only we can get him to stop wearing a hat…




PS: Go download my podcast! 5 episodes in and the guest list is pretty dang impressive if you ask me.