Drake And His Teammates Hit Up Vegas To Celebrate Their NBA Championship

It was only a matter of time before Drake met up with his teammates to celebrate their NBA championship and it appears that reunion went down last night at XS in Vegas and it was even better than I expected. From Drake leading everyone out onto the stage holding the trophy like it was him and not Fred VanVleet that put the clamps on Steph Curry, to then going on stage and immediately saying it wasn’t about him was absolutely fantastic. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Drake played a roll in helping the Raptors get this done, his trolling and antics during games were just the sort of tactics that helped distract opponents and any moment that was spent talking about Drake instead of focusing on the Raptors was a huge win. So in my mind, Drake has every right to act like he’s on the team and claim this title. You can’t say for certain that the Raptors still win the title without the help of Drake, that has to mean something. I’m assuming since he said he was also going to design the Raptors ring, something tells me he’s going to make himself one as well.

I can understand how some people may be tired of Drake, but I thoroughly enjoyed him throughout this entire playoff run. At the end of the day it’s about entertainment and I don’t know how anyone could not have been entertained these last few months. The basketball was awesome, each off the floor story was better than the last, there was drama, what more could we have asked for.

You also can’t hate the move to head to Vegas before eventually returning home for the parade. You’re already out there in Oakland, it’s the only logical stop in my opinion. Especially hitting Vegas the way Drake hits Vegas. I imagine that’s probably a little different from how you and your buddies do the Strip. Something tells me the Raptors weren’t cruising for $10 craps tables, pretending to play penny slots once you lose all your money to drink for free, or paying a billion dollars to get into some sort of club because you my friend are not a girl. I would say making a pit stop with Drake to party in the club where everyone in attendance is going to treat you like a God is the definition of a no brainer.

When your biggest fan and ambassador also happens to be one of the biggest music artists on the planet, it’s only right that he hooks you up and gives you the best night of your life which is probably just a regular Tuesday for him.

Also of course LeBron was there, this is probably the closest he’s going to come to the Larry O’Brien trophy for the rest of his career so no way he was going to pass that up.