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Kliff Kingsbury Says He Spied On Players Via Fake Social Media Accounts at Texas Tech

Kingsbury openly revealed he and his Texas Tech coaches would set up fake social media accounts using “cute girls” as avatars to spy on their players.

“We have fake accounts with cute girls that they add right now so we can see what’s going on, who’s tweeting what,” Kingsbury said at the time. “Those are heavily monitored, for sure.”

This is some high school girl shit, Kliff. And I completely understand why you’d want to keep tabs on your college aged players social media, but I don’t get why you’d want to make that public? Making fake Twitters is not cool in the public eye, ask Kevin Durant. But that’s who Kliff Kingsbury is….the young, cool coach with creative ideas, such as his cell phone break policy. And that’s cute and all, as long as you win games. So Kliff:

But back to the fake Twitters, Facebooks, and Instagrams. First of all, Kliff, making all of those accounts is a fine line. Because the next step is catfishing. What are the chances Kliff Kingsbury was behind the Manti Teo girlfriend? I would hope these accounts weren’t that intricate though. Just a hot girl as the profile picture and nothing else. There’s no way there were positing photos and tweets to make themselves look real, right?

When asked if he thought his players at Texas Tech might have been aware of the spying, Kingsbury told Hawk, “I think they do, but they can’t resist that. Friend requests from cute girls are an automatic follow.”

Those damn boys just can’t resist cute girls. So what if she just created her account yesterday, only has one picture, and it has a watermark in the top corner? That girl is CUTE. I bet the coaches got a pretty good laugh over some of the DMs I’m sure the players sent these fake girls.

“Once a year, we’ll capture the most absurd posts our team makes and we make a big presentation and have a lot of fun with it,” he said, laughing.

I’m sure this was hilarious. Some people just don’t understand how to use social media, and it’s really really funny. And I’m not talking about old people not knowing how to tweet. I’m talking about college aged students posting music lyrics about missing their ex-girlfriend. So cringy but so funny in front of a college locker room. I’m in on Kliff Kingsbury right now…..but Kliff: