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Barstool Sports Father's Day Dogs Of The Week

Hello everyone and Happy Friday. I hope everyone’s been a good boy and is ready to fuck stuff up this weekend.

Personally I’m thinking about going hard tonight and tomorrow because it’s Father’s Day Sunday and Carl’s had a real stick up his ass lately. I figure I’ll get out tonight and fuck around with Ginger for a little bit and then maybe stop by Meatloaf’s on the way home to get a taste of her ass. Saturday’s wide open right now but come Sunday I know Carl’s going to want to do some lame shit like take me to Navy Pier so he can get drunk in the beer garden.

I’ll be cool with it this time but only because it’s Father’s Day and I can’t really get him anything else because I’m just a dog. So I’m going to be well behaved and let him act like a goddamn moron for the time being.

That’s my gift to him which leads me nicely into this week’s theme.

Here’s my friends for the week featuring all the shit they’d get their Father’s if they were capable of getting their Father’s a present:


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