The City Of Toronto Celebrated Their First Ever NBA Title In The Most Canadian Way Possible

Sometimes teams win championships and their fans burn the city to the ground in celebration. Complete chaos takes over and there’s nothing but destruction, celebrating, fucking, you name it. So with the Raptors pulling off the impossible and taking down the Warriors to win their first ever NBA title you would think by now there wouldn’t even be a city left north of the border. Instead, we have ourselves the most Canadian celebrations ever. Nothing crazy, a little We Are The Champions singalong which certainly isn’t false, some failed champaign spraying and a little fireworks. At least that one dude climbed that street light, it’s not really a championship celebration until someone starts dangerously climbing some sort of pole.

There really is nothing like the first few moments when your team wins a title and you take to the streets. Thousands of fans all together losing their collective minds having the best night of your life. Hopefully everyone gets to experience it at least once because it’s truly surreal. You reach this level of euphoria that you didn’t know existed, especially when it’s your first one, so even though Raptors fans were big time dicks when Durant got hurt in Game 5, I say let them have this moment. You slay the Warriors that convincingly I say you’ve earned the right to party your dick off. Of course this will most likely be the most polite celebration in championship history, I imagine everyone will be respectful of public property and even pick up after themselves as to not make a mess for the morning.

We’re 9 months away from having so many more Kawhi’s in this world, thoughts and prayers to every poor bastard out there in Toronto that’s going to 100% make a regrettable decision at some point during the festivities.