Wake Up With Joba Chamberlin Being Assaulted By A Swarm Of Midges In Game 2 Of The 2007 ALDS

What a game this was, such a strange night for both clubs. The Indians and Yankees were battling to get to the American League Championship when the game was suddenly taken over by a swarm of midges. Joba was a lights out rookie who was taking the league by storm. He was a MONSTER after he got called up. Basically the only thing that could get in his way was a swarm of bugs, and that is exactly what happened. Joba just got swallowed up by the midges, they were stuck on his neck, face, chest, arms, everywhere. The Yankees trainer came out and applied bug spray which actually made it worse they said, it was an absolute nightmare for New York. Joba ended up going an inning and two thirds, luckily gave up only one run, no hits, walked two, and had two wild pitches. The Yankees would go on to lose in extra innings, 2-1. The story of the game, and basically the series was the insane bugs. I remember being a freshman in college watching the game in a dorm room and couldn't believe the amount of bugs there were. Normally you see them all over the lights and stuff like that, but never actually swarming on the players. It was a wild, wild time.