The Scene At OB Clark's In St. Louis Is Straight Out Of A Movie Right Now

What a goddamn scene. Looks like Almost Famous or something, the entire parking lot shut down and just a madhouse inside. The boys walking the Cup through the crowd and signing autographs. Its out of a dream. The cool thing about St. Louis is that it is small enough that its accessible for everybody to know what is going on and where. The community coming to party with the team in the parking lot and them coming out to interact is a moment people who are there will never forget.

P.S. Totally not going to be salty but I’ve been sitting at the airport for 8 hours now on delays instead of at OB Clarks and am totally not mad at all. Would much rather be sitting here in the terminal this doesn’t even look that fun. Wouldn’t say I’m dying of the worst case of FOMO in history every single second that I sit here at all. Not one bit.