Steph Curry Addressed His Parents Getting Heckled And I'd Be Terrified As A Raptors Fan

This answer is in response to a question about an interaction I blogged about earlier this week where some loser Raptors fans decided to wait outside a hotel and talk shit to Steph’s parents

The whole thing was pretty sad and pathetic and not only because Dell actually played for the Raptors. It’s just a weird thing to do in my opinion and it’s unfortunate that Steph had to even answer this sort of question. I guess it’s simply too hard for some people to not be assholes. What he said in that answer was professional and exactly how you expected him to address the situation, but it’s also a gigantic missed opportunity. This is the one time that I wish Curry wasn’t all calm, cool, and collected. We’re about to head into Game 6 tonight, everything is on the line for the Warriors and I feel like Steph missed a prime chance to talk some shit here. I get not wanting to play into the drama, but maybe just throw a subtle jab about how he’s going to make those same fans cry tonight, give me something, anything really. I would have even taken a smirk or something along those lines because we all know he’s going to come out tonight with some extra motivation.

And I don’t want to hear that Steph is too classy for something like that, this is the same guy that does shit like this

on the floor. I’m not saying guarantee a win or anything like that where the Raptors could use it as motivation, but he could have played some mental warfare with that fanbase about what’s coming there way. I feel like the last person you want to piss off is Steph Curry in a must win game considering he can pretty much end your hopes and dreams in about 2 minutes without breaking a sweat while he shimmy’s right down your throat.

The more I think about it though, he was almost too calm in that answer. Maybe that would scare me more as a Raptors fan, that the attempt by those fans to maybe get Steph distracted and off his game because he’s answering questions about non basketball shit clearly failed and that could potentially mean big trouble. I need around 10 3PM from Steph tonight and then a snarky response postgame. We deserve that at least.