Should Justin Maroon Have Gotten Conn Smythe Consideration?

By now, people are well aware of the Big Rig aka Pat Maroon aka the guy who brought his hometown team a Stanley Cup for the first time in human history. What people might not know though is the sacrifice that his brother made to ensure we can all celebrate and drink for the next million years.

Justin Maroon was 0-7 watching his brother play live in these playoffs. If you remember a home loss by the Blues this postseason, he was in the building. After a certain point, he decided to sit at home and watch on TV for the biggest games, even though he could have been in any seat he wanted watching his family compete on a national scale. When the Blues had a chance to clinch vs San Jose and go to their first Stanley Cup Final in 50 years, he sat there on the couch and EVEN when they were up late, his wife made him stay there until the clock hit zero.

Last night in Boston, while the Maroons were there watching the unbelievable become real…

He was at home watching on TV and Facetiming his parents afterwards. This is what its all about folks. He recognized an issue and solved it. Its bigger than you sometimes and being able to recognize that is the mark of a true team player. That’s what it takes to win a Cup. I think O’Reilly was a great choice for Conn Smythe but am honestly surprised that Justin Maroon didn’t get any consideration at all. No votes? The committee should be ashamed of themselves. Yeah #90 scored every other shift in the Final, but if Justin had showed up to all these games the Bruins would have swept, so who really had more effect on the games?

P.S. As selfless as this move was by Justin, there are also rumors that his son was promised a Chinchilla if the Blues won and is not planning on not letting him actually get one, I really hope that allegation is not true.