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Did Ryan O'Reilly Get A Little Frisky With The Cup Last Night?

Woah woah woah. Pump the brakes here, Stanley. There are children on this website. There’s no need for you to go around the timeline bragging about getting finger blasted by ROR. I know he’s the Conn Smythe trophy winner and everything but still. You can just keep that naughty little update to yourself.

But yeah, it definitely sounds like things got a little hot and steamy between the two last night. And it makes sense, ya know? First of all, you have all the adrenaline pumping from winning the Cup and you can’t really control your actions.

Then you add copious amounts of booze to the equation.

And yeah, you’re going to end up making a few decisions that you wouldn’t typically make. Not that they are regrets or anything like that. But sometimes you just get swept up in the moment, one things leads to another, and next thing you know the Stanley Cup twitter account is telling the entire world about how soft your hands are.  Nothing like some summer love.