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I've Never Been More Impressed By A Goalie Than Jordan Binnington The Past 5 Months

This is not exactly breaking news, but as a Blues fan who has seen a plethora of different levels of goaltending in my lifetime, I wanted to take a second to say that Jordan Binnington is the most impressive goalie I’ve ever watched play for the Blues. I don’t know every stat, and I’m sure people will point out that sustaining this level of play for 10 years vs 5 months is a very different thing, but I honestly do not care in the slightest.

A goalie has so many different effects on a hockey team besides their direct goaltending stats. Whether its playing the puck effectively every single time they dump it in or making timely saves, there is an X-Factor that you can’t pin down. The attitude that a goalie imposes on a team is extremely hard to describe, but is SO REAL. Anyone who has played sports from any level growing up all the way to a professional league knows that if you have a guy on your team you believe in deep down to be a rock and have your back, everyone plays different. Sometimes its a pitcher that you know can get you outs or a QB that can escape and pull something out of his ass, it allows you to play with a different attitude.

What Jordan Binnington did in the first period of Game 7 last night was so goddamn impressive I knew right away that the Blues were going to win their first Stanley Cup in history. He was making plays that were superhuman. That Marchand laserbeam on the PP should be a goal any other game, but last night #50 absolutely STOLE the Bruins soul that first period. When you put 12 high quality shots up in a period and come away with nothing, it breaks your will.

Even as a fan, after the Blues lost, you just ABSOLUTELY KNEW that Binnington was going to be money the next game. I felt better about the next game when they lost than when they would win!!! Its absurd. This team was addicted to pressure and tough situations and he was the backbone why you knew they could get it done every single time.