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Chicagoland Ticket Scalper Named "Tommy Tickets" Has Been Caught In Florida

(This video is from Feb, but Tommy is back in the news because the link below is a follow up of him in jail)

ABC 7 -A popular ticket scalper who goes by the name “Tommy Tickets” has gotten his own ticket to jail.

The ABC 7 I-Team has received multiple complaints about Tommy Ryan. Consumer investigator Jason Knowles talked to some of his former customers, who said they’re hoping a new indictment will mean curtains for Ryan’s scalping career.

Ryan is now jailed in St. John’s County, Florida, fighting extradition to Illinois. Will County prosecutors are asking Governor JB Pritzker for what’s called a “governors warrant” to bring him back to face three felony counts of continuing a financial crimes enterprise.

The complaint alleges Ryan committed three separate theft by deception offenses within an eighteen month period, allegedly taking more than $1,600 from three people. One is a resident of Will County and two are residents of Cook County, including Heather Underwood.

Listen, I know this guys a scumbag, but I laughed out loud when the woman impersonated him in the first minute of the video. “Don’t worry, you know I got you – I’m Tommy Tickets, baby!” It’s just so perfectly scalper that it made me feel like I know Tommy just after hearing that and seeing a picture of him.

I mean he has everything straight out of a scalpers playbook – the voice, the hair, the nickname, the gold chain, the Bears Hawaiian shirt, etc. So much so that I’ve now convinced myself that he was the original inspiration for “Ticky” in ‘Hardball':

(For whatever reason they don’t have the scene of Ticky selling the tickets to last nights game outside of the United Center on Youtube. Big time shame)

It sucks for the people who got scammed, but the last lady who said that he was believable is insane. Like I sincerely hope that she said he was believable by his website or by someone who didn’t know him because if she actually met him before giving that guy $4,000 then her street smarts just aren’t very up to par.

I’ll say this though – Tommy Tickets and Craig Carton would make the best in jail podcast that this nation has ever seen.

“Two guys talkin’ phony tickets behind bars”

That’s a tagline.