Wake Up With Scott Hatteberg Hitting A Pinch-Hit, Walk-Off Home Run For The A's 20th Consecutive Win

You've probably seen this home run before, or you saw Chris Pratt hit it in MoneyBall, but yeah, it happened in real life. The A's were scorching hot with a 19 game winning streak at the moment and were up 11-0 on the Royals. Easy win, right? Nope. The Royals stormed all the way back to tie it up in the top of the 9th. That's when pinch-hitter, Scott Hatteberg stepped up to the plate and decided to walk it off, give me that 20th win in a row. That win set an AL Record for consecutive wins. What a moment, the big "20" banner was dropped down as Hatteberg was rounding the basement, mobbed at home, such an awesome moment. We know that the A's season didn't end with the World Series trophy, but holy shit was this a fun team to watch and follow that season. They did lose the next game they played but lets be real, 20 in a row in insane. I don't think we will ever see a team sniff that record again. Maybe mid teens, but I don't think any team comes close to that many wins in a row.