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Woman Catches Her Husband With His Mistress, Beats Her Up And Throws Her Off A Cliff

Hell hath no fury like a Peruvian bitch scorned. Straight up cold blooded. Like she’s taking out the trash on a Thursday, just tossing that bitch like a ragdoll over the side of a cliff. I love the guy’s reaction the best. Tries to stand between his mistress and his wife for about 4 seconds before he realizes there is no stopping his juggernaut wife. Just turns and walks away like “Fuck it, I ain’t getting thrown off a cliff for you.”

That mistress didn’t even put up a fight either. I guess sometimes you just know when you’re beat. She knew she had no shot to take out that Peruvian Powerhouse. Just kinda went limp and fell into the fetal position. Just crossed her fingers hoping she wouldn’t break many bones after going over the edge of a mountainside.

PS – Music is dramatic as fuck