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Relax Everyone, Bieber Is Fine!


(FoxNews) —  Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber collapsed on stage from shortness of breath during a London performance on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the singer said. “[Justin] fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve to the stage and was given oxygen,” the singer’s spokeswoman Melissa Victor told Reuters. Bieber, 19, was taken to the doctor following the show. Representatives for the Canadian pop star said he was okay.

I was just taking my dog for a walk and got a few texts from friends saying Bieber was about to die. Swear to God I rushed home faster than when I heard my grandfather was on his death bed. Heart was a flutter. I saw headlines that he was rushed to the hospital and I feared the worst. Thought the Prince of Pop might be on his way out. Then I read past 140 characters and realized he just put on a totally kickass show and was a little winded after. Understandable. It’s his birthday week. Kid has been partying and fucking and performing then partying and fucking and performing. I’d probably snag an IV cocktail at some point too. Guy may sing like an angel but he’s not ready to become one.