Controversial Ad In England Tries To Convince Dog Owners To Pick Up Poop By Showing A Little Kid Eating Dog Shit

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Metro – Bristol City Council has defended a controversial health and safety poster which appears to show a young child with dog waste around her mouth. The advert shows a toddler at a playground with her hands and face covered in muck, accompanied by text warning ‘children will put anything in their mouths’. Below the image is a second picture of dog waste, with a message calling on dog owners to pick up their pet’s mess or face a £1,000 fine. The campaign urges residents to report those who don’t comply. Online users were surprised by the image, with TV illusionist Derren Brown one of the first people to bring it to light. After Twitter user @JRhodesPianist posted a picture of the ad along with the words ‘what were you thinking’, Brown retweeted the message and sarcastically said he missed Bristol. But the council seemed unapologetic and replied to @JRhodesPianist and another user, saying they hoped the poster would force dog owners to clean up after their pets. They added: ‘Shocking imagery, but perhaps it will help encourage a few more dog owners to do the responsible thing.’

If you think the retarded kid at the park stuff his face with dog shit is gonna persuade me to do anything, at all, you’ve got another thing coming. As far as I’m concerned this little British kid chowing down on a poopscicle should be a public service announcement to the parents of England to teach their kids not to eat fucking dogshit. Like yes, its common courtesy to pick up your dog’s shit. I’m not saying you should be the asshole that leaves the park covered in crap. But spare me the dramatics with the idiot child who eats dog dump as a reason I should clean up.

On a sidenote how funny is it gonna be for that kid who one day grows up trying to be an actor or a model or something and its like “Yea you may have seen some of my work. Remember the “pick up your dog’s poop” ad campaign back in 2013? I was the kid with the goatee of dog shit around my face.”