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We Need To Talk To Our Parents About Leaving Voicemails

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Though I’m never quite sure when I’ll be able to swing a trip back home to see my parents, there’s one thing I can always count on when I get there. As sure as the sun rises in the East, they will without a doubt – at some point during the weekend – be sure to alert me to the fact that the voicemail on my phone is full.

“Hey, not sure if you knew, but we tried to leave you a voicemail the other day & it’s full. If people try to leave you a message they won’t be able to!”

I bring this up because I was home this weekend and was inevitably informed of it, as per usual, and then today I missed a call from them. I could only imagine the concerned look they gave each other when the notice that my voicemail is still full droned from their phone’s speaker.

“Wha… what?! We just told her about this. Yikes.”

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The kicker is that my voicemail is literally full because of their voicemails.

“Hey Kate, it’s us, mom & dad… Uh… Alright well we’re on our way to Wal Mart. It’s around noon. Gonna pick some things up. Guess you’re not around. Uh, ok well give us a call when you have a chance.”

When I tweeted about it today, I was relieved to find I am not the only one who deals with this phenomenon.

NPR actually did a whole radio segment about this back in 2014.

And yet, years later our parents are still leaving them by the boatload. We need to collectively sit them down & have an intervention.

“We love you, truly, but no more voicemails. I promise we can see it was you that called, we can see what time you called, and it’s safe to assume you’d like us to call you back. You could also just spend 3 seconds to shoot a text saying “Call me”, and that’s much better, even if you still sign it “-Dad” for some reason, even though, once again – we can see that it’s you.”

To really get the message across, maybe leave them this info in a lengthy voicemail. I know I might sound cold, but we have to put a stop to this, if only so they can spend less time on the phone & more time doing the things they love.