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DJ Hodor In The House!


Run The Trap – We’re massive fans of Game Of Thrones here at Run The Trap, and if you aren’t you need to check that shit out! I’m telling you from a friend to a friend, it’s some top notch entertainment. Hodor (aka actor Kristian Nairn), the 6ft 10? House Stark servant who can only say one word “Hodor?” mentioned in a two-year-old interview  that he’s a DJ. Yes, you read right, Hodor is a DJ. Mind.. Blown. As a matter of fact, Hodor has been a resident DJ at Belfast’s Kremlin for the last 11 years, spinning house music to the masses. He’s also performed alongside the likes of Scissor Sisters and Calvin Harris, as well as at a number of festivals around the world.

I’m not kidding when I say if this dude makes a track called “Hodor” that is a techno/rap remix of the Game of Thrones opening theme music it could be the most popular song on the planet earth. I just imagine some sort of track starting with “Hoooo-Dorrrrrr” the way people chant “Brooook-Lynnnn.” Drop the Game of Thrones beat. Have the one and only word in the entire song be “Hodor” on repeat. And a fucking 6 foot 10 monster on the 1s and 2s spinning it.

Can you imagine what would happen to a bunch of Game of Thrones fans on drugs listening to Hodor play his own track? That scene would make the Red Wedding look pleasant.