Dear Lizzy, The Girl I'm Dating Has A Wild Past I'm Not Sure I Can Get Past


Dear Lizzy,

I just recently started dating this girl who I had always been friends with before. I know everything about her to the point no significant other should.

My question is there are some red flags, she has hooked up with a lot of guys, and talked about how she used to hook up with guys with girlfriends and things of that nature. She did go to a big state school so I kind of understand the wild years, but her stories even go to the point of banging foreign guys she doesn’t know in areas around the world.

The question is am I just being a huge bitch about this? Or are these legitimate concerns I should think about while dating her? Side note she’s been great so far, and seems to genuinely like me, but some of her stories still bother me to no end.


Dear Steve,

I’m not sure you’re aware of how judgmental you sound. Not only do you sound like a bad boyfriend, but you also sound like a shitty friend. Your girl has been very transparent about who she is and has been honest with you about everything in her past and now you’re using her truths against her. It doesn’t sound as though she’s at all ashamed of any of her actions (everyone has a past), but despite the fact you know what kind of person she is on the inside, YOU’RE ashamed of being associated with HER actions.

What really bothers me is that you knew all of this BEFORE you started dating her – her hook up habits weren’t a sudden shock to you, and yet now you’re wondering if you’re too good for her. You know who would be concerned about their friend’s/now gf’s past like that? Someone small and insecure.

If her stories “bother you to no end” then peace out. Not because she was “wild” in the past, but because you aren’t man enough to handle her past.

She doesn’t deserve that judgment from someone who is supposed to love her unconditionally.

She deserves better.

– Lizzy




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