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Raptors Fans Went From Beloved To Despised In A Blink Of An Eye

So by now you know that the entire sports world hates the city of Toronto and Raptors fans everywhere for how they reacted to the Kevin Durant injury last night. On one side you have the world calling them scumbags and then on the other side there are Raptors fans you can find on Twitter and on Reddit talking about how every fanbase cheers in that situation and it’s no big deal. In my opinion both sides are right. It was a scumbag move the way that crowd reacted and cheered even once they could tell things were serious, and it’s also true that they are not the only fanbase in the league that would do something like that. The world is filled with assholes who forget that this is all just a game and only care about whatever benefits their favorite team.

But my question is has any fanbase ever gone through a 180 like Raptors fans have over the last like 12 hours? Up until that injury I feel like everyone that didn’t have an attachment to either team was rooting for that city and that fanbase. We on the internet ate up all the stories about how they were lining up days in advance in order for the chance just to stand outside in the rain and watch the game, there was that kid willing to give up organs as a joke but definitely would have done it if given the chance, and every story that came out in regards to that fanbase was overly positive and I don’t think it’s crazy to say there seemed to be this overwhelming amount of support for a team on the brink of achieving history.

Now? Now they have some people doing the unthinkable, which is rooting for the Warriors. I was ready to be happy for that franchise and that city for snagging their first ever championship, and now I sort of want karma to kick them right in the dick and blow this 3-1 lead. I didn’t think I’d ever want to see the Warriors dominance continue and I don’t think I’m alone in that. This isn’t me taking a holier than thou stance or anything like that, it’s just really interesting to me what a turnaround the perception of Toronto has had all because of a freak 5 seconds.

Unfortunately Raptors fans everywhere in that city are going to be lumped in with this behavior, it’s going to go a long way in defining who they are as a basketball city. Even with Steph trying to do his best and actually giving a really good answer when asked about this postgame

I don’t think it’s going to matter, the damage is done for the most part. This time yesterday we were all quasi-Raptors fans in a sense that we all wanted to see them pull this thing off. I’m trying to think of a turnaround like this where a fanbase could go from universally loved to universally hated like this all in such a short timeframe and I’m having a hard time coming up with one.