The Bruins Should Have An Anti-Moment Of Silence For Big Papi Wednesday Night

One huge piece of the Stanley Cup run has been the excitement on Twitter surrounding who will be the Bruins “Banner Captain” before each game. It lights Twitter aflame every time with wild speculation and hope, listing Boston sports legends folks are hopeful will be in the building to hype up the crowd. I’m actually not too wild about it, don’t get me wrong it’s fun to talk about online but the response in the building is typically pretty underwhelming. I’ve been at almost all the games and the largest roar was undoubtedly for Gronk in game 2 (I think?) of the Toronto series, I believe it was right after he retired. David Andrews also had a huge one, as he started this year’s o-lineman chugging beers at playoff games trend. I don’t think it’s got to do with who the player is, I think it has to do with the presentation by TD Garden. Their name is never announced it’s just quietly written on the jumbotron and the camera is at a weird angle (you barely ever saw Edelman’s face), so a lot of fans don’t even know who it is. It could be done much better if you ask me, professional producer John Feitelberg.

Since Papi was cowardly attacked, people have been taking to Twitter to talk about him being the banner captain. No, I haven’t seen anyone actually hope that Papi is the banner captain, but boy have I seen tons of people complain that everyone needs to stop saying he should be the banner captain. That may be confusing but it’s what’s happening. Oodles of people are screaming into the void that it’s disrespectful to ask Papi to wave that flag, you know since he just got shot and had two surgeries and all, and the void is echoing back “WHO THE FUCK IS REQUESTING THAT.”

So, what’s the solution? What should the Bruins do to show support to a local and international hero? An anti-moment of silence. I think it’s weird as fuck that the Red Sox had a moment of silence, or moment of recognition or whatever they called it. David Ortiz isn’t dead, he’s resting comfortably, he’s going to be around for a long time according to his father. Moments of silence are for dead people and David Ortiz is the exact opposite of that, he’s alive.

Before the Anthem tomorrow night ask fans to please stand and lose their fucking minds so David Ortiz can hear them at Mass General. Play career highlights, show his home runs, show him beating the fuck out of a bullpen phone, show his This Is Our Fucking City clip, do it all and tell fans to drown it all out. Fuck a moment of silence and fuck creating a straw man about people asking Ortiz to actually be in the building, just have an anti-moment of silence. A moment of loud, if you will.