OHHHH CANADA! The Raptors Are Going All-In And Will Have The Canadian National Anthem Sung By The Fans In The Arena Before Game 5

I hate to join in with everyone in the Hot Take Brigade that is saying not only are the Finals over but so is the Warriors dynasty. But holy shit this is not good news for Golden State.

The Raptors already smell blood, employ the best player in the series, and have soundly outplayed the Dubs so far. But whipping up a bunch of title-starved Canadians into a frenzy before tip off of what could be the clinching game is the ultimate all-in move. I know Kevin Durant should be coming back tonight. But unless he’s at least 80% of the monster he was earlier in the playoffs, the Raptors weaponizing their certified banger of a national anthem along with their already ravenous homecourt advantage is almost unfair, especially considering Raps fans were able to practice their chant game at Oracle after Game 4.

I don’t have to tell any Boston fans how amazing it is to hear a crowd sing their national anthem in unison.

Goosebumps. Every. Single. Time.

HOWEVAH there is a clear downside to this. If the Raptors lose tonight as well as in Game 6 back in Oakland, they will have blew their load for the perfect way to hype the crowd before a Game 7 and not even Justin Bieber, Snow (who performed the 1992 smash hit “Informer”), or Celine Dion herself will be able to top the decibel level that the Scotiabank Arena will hit tonight after the anthem is completed. The Raptors are bringing in their closer in the 7th inning in the form of 19,800 people. Lets see how it works out for them.

Other than that, the only other part I hate about this is that Monica is singing the Star Spangled Banner. Not because I dislike Monica or anything. Quite the opposite. Monica may have the most pleasant voice as well as underrated catalog in R&B history and anybody that chose Brandy’s side in The Boy Is Mine video is out of their mind. But the fact Monica’s anthem will quickly be overshadowed by the singing of thousands of rowdy Canadians in the arena as well as all those nutbags in Jurassic Park is a goddamn travesty because someone who created the closest thing any of us will ever hear in terms of perfection deserves better.

Then again, Monica can pretty much mail in her anthem, get some love on social media, collect her paycheck, and potentially watch a new NBA championship be crowned from what I imagine will be some pretty decent seats. Not bad for a day’s work.

P.S. Anybody who says the Warriors dynasty is dead because they lost 3 games in the Finals without their best player is out of their goddamn mind