Dear Lizzy, I'm Not Sure What To Do With A Questionable Family Heirloom


Dear Lizzy,

Need advice on what to do with a family heirloom. A while ago my uncle got his hands on a pretty valuable ring. I still don’t know all the details of HOW he got the ring, but it might not have been in the most honorable way. Believe it or not, the original owner of this ring has started to ratchet up his efforts to get his hands back on this ring but hasn’t been successful. So what does this have to do with me? Well of course my uncle recently “gifted” me the ring so now I guess it’s my problem.

A good friend of my uncle has been hounding me to keep the ring hidden and not let the original owner know I have it, and now he’s trying to get me to bring it to him halfway across the country to have some other people review it. Honestly, I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.

What should I do?


Between a Ring and a Hard Place

Dear Between A Ring And A Hard Place,

The reason you haven’t asked for the details regarding HOW your uncle got the ring is because you don’t want to know. I think you know the moment that information comes about you’re going to feel guilty for having the ring in the first place and feel inclined to give it back. Naturally, you don’t want to give it back because 1) it’s a valuable item and 2) it seems important to your family.

This is purely a call of integrity on your end.

If it were me, I would talk to my uncle and find out how exactly he got his hands on the ring. If it was through an illegal or questionable act and the ring rightfully belongs to the person who is trying to get it back, I would hand it over. Just because your uncle made a mistake doesn’t mean you need to do the same, and honestly, I wouldn’t want something that didn’t belong to me.

Karma is a real motherfucker.

– Lizzy




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