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Masai Ujiri Hanging Out In Jurassic Park At Midnight Last Night Has To Be Good Karma

Absolutely everything is coming up Masai Urjiri right now. The mastermind behind this historic run, every button he’s pushed and trade he’s made has worked. He’s a shoe in for Executive Of The Year in my opinion, and the man understands karma because heading out to Jurassic Park at midnight the night before the biggest game in franchise history to be with the fans is absolutely going to buy you some luck from the Basketball Gods. This is basically what the St. Louis Blues did only the exact opposite. There are people who have been waiting for like 70 hours in Jurassic Park for tonight’s Game 5, and Ujiri heading out to be a man of the people tells you he gets it. All that talk he does about the city being together and a huge part of what the Raptors are doing isn’t bullshit. Try and think of another President/GM that would do something like this. I can’t think of one, and that tells you the culture in TOR is different.

I wouldn’t even say this is a publicity stunt either. Ujiri does this sort of thing all the time

Things like this along with him being pretty decent at building basketball teams is why he’s one of the most coveted executives in the league right now. The Wizards are actually considering giving this man ownership of the team if he decides to leave TOR and run their basketball ops

Given that championship-building GMs don’t grow on trees, the Wizards are reportedly considering a massive package to try and lure Ujiri away from Toronto, according to Ben Standig of NBC Sports Washington.

How massive? Standig compared the possibilities to the pitch Wizards owner Ted Leonsis gave to lure Michael Jordan as the team’s president of basketball operations in 2000.

Among the options mentioned are an annual eight-figure compensation package and an ownership stake and control of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of not just the Wizards, but also Capitol One Arena and the Washington Capitals. That kind of stuff could move the needle.

But if you ask me he’d be silly to leave this city, especially if they win a title tonight. There’s just something really cool when a team and a fanbase are truly intertwined. You get the sense that everyone truly is in it together and if the goal is to show Kawhi or potential free agents that things are done differently in Toronto well this is a good step in that direction. You don’t see Bob Myers hanging out at midnight around Oracle do you?

I’m not saying put the house on the Raptors tonight, but just factor this in when you’re deciding where to place your bets. The Raptors are doing everything they can to be blessed by the basketball Gods and it wouldn’t shock me if they were rewarded.