Right now, White Sox Twitter is all up in arms because the team hasn’t called up top pitching prospect Dylan Cease yet.  With the team sitting at 31-33 and only a handful of game outs of the 2nd wild card spot, it’d make sense right?  Right… especially when Dylan Covey, Manny Banuelos and staff days compose the 4th/5th starters positions.  Why not go for the jugular, call up Cease and go and try to make the playoffs?  LOOK AT THESE STANDINGS!!!

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.12.26 AM

Only 2 games back of the lowly, yet still World Series defending Boston Red Sox (lol) and 3 games out of the AL Wild Card.  Crazy with how poor their 25 man’s depth is.

So call up super prospect Dylan Cease right?  I mean, until yesterday, he had performed pretty well in the hitter’s haven that is the International League:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 7.49.57 AM

Now mind you, these statistics are somewhat inflated as yesterday he only went .2 IP with 3 walks, 2 hits and 4 earned.  But all things considered, the dude is a stud.  He’s super young compared to the league average age of AAA, throws 100 and has a wipe out slider/changeup combo:

SO WHY ISN’T HE UP??? Let’s play some devil’s advocate.  The organization clearly doesn’t think he’s “ready”.  Perhaps he’s not, judging by last night’s start.  If we’re looking at it in a vacuum, he hasn’t seasoned near as much as the White Sox other young pitchers either:

Reynaldo Lopez: 27 AAA starts, 154 AAA innings pitched
Lucas Giolito: 31 AAA starts, 165 AAA innings pitched
Michael Kopech: 27 AAA starts, 141 AAA innings pitched

Dylan Cease: 11 AAA starts, 52 AAA innings pitched

bUT WSd, RIck HAHn sayS DevELoPMent IsnT LINeaR!!!

Look, I get that.  But then again the kid has never thrown more than ~125IP in a full season.  Assuming they’re going to cap him at about 150 IP this year, he’s got 100 left until he hits that threshold.

Hahn also says each prospect, especially the ones the organization thinks more highly of like Cease, has certain boxes to check.  When each box is checked, they will either advance through the system or get promoted to The Show.  The Super 2 cutoff has already passed, so the team has no financial reasons to hold him down any longer.  The White Sox have a clear plan of attack on how to handle players like Dylan Cease, Luis Robert, etc. and will not alter that plan because of an injury at the Big League level.

We may not like this method of deployment, but we have no other choice but to accept it.  I am as excited for Cease as the next guy, but respect that they want him to hit the ground running, not just tread water for the rest of the 2019 season.

So again, assuming us that they don’t think he’s “ready” yet.  Which is fine – I’d want Cease to hit the ground running.  To work out the kinks in his mechanics, smooth out his command.  That’ll probably come over the course of the next month or two, or about 6-8 more AAA starts.  Once he checks the boxes, the issue will be forced and he’ll call up.  I’m impatient too, but I can also wait this one out.  Because once he’s in The Show, the White Sox will be that much closer to “sustained success”.

BUT – and this is a big but – if they plan on only getting him another start or so in AAA and plan to unleash him on, let’s say, the Twins at the end of the month…. then fuck seasoning and call him up now.  A start or two in AAA doesn’t mean shit for a player’s development.  Thesis = contradicted.