Stephen A. Smith Doing The Kawhi Laugh Is Going To Haunt My Dreams For Years

Some things don’t need to be replicated. The Kawhi laugh is absolutely one of those. That was haunting enough. I mean Kawhi just sitting there saying he’s a fun guy and then that cackle? Terrifying.

I’m not even sure the exact context of why Stephen A. is doing the Kawhi laugh. I doubt I’ll ever truly find out. But, it’s terrifying. This is like a horror movie where you think the killer is dead but he keeps putting on other people’s faces as masks. Or, you know, like Arya in Game of Thrones. We had Stephen A. We also had Klay doing the laugh

I need to know what Kawhi thinks about this. I’d love for him to get pissed off that Stephen A. is imitating him and then lose his mind during an interview. I don’t know why but that image is absolutely hilarious.

And for some reason I still can’t stop watching this Stephen A. laugh. It’s a bad trainwreck. Just can’t look away. I believe I’m on watch 42 already.