How About The Balls On Rory To Wear A Kyle Lowry Jersey And Scream Raptors In 5 After Shooting A 61 To Win The Canadian Open?

Have a day, Rory. Have a damn day. Rory starts the day tied for first at -13 with Webb Simpson and Matt Kuchar. Pretty decent first three rounds no doubt. What does Rory do? Oh just a 61 and birdies 4 of the first 5 holes. Pretty good stuff from a guy who is on like that legit is the best player in the world.

But, how about the balls on him to put on the Lowry jersey and scream Raptors in 5? Sure, it may seem easy with the Raps up 3-1 and heading back to Toronto tonight for game 5. But, guess what? You just opened yourself up to a curse. Just look at the NHL

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 6.41.37 AM

If the Raptors lose tonight, guess what people are talking about? Well, assuming Drake doesn’t do anything stupid for his curse. Rory jinxed the Raptors up 3-1. I mean, hell, there are reports that Kevin Durant is going to play tonight. Imagine a pissed off Durant, who very well may be the best offensive weapon in NBA history with his size, ability to shoot and ability to create.

Perhaps Rory just got caught up in the moment. The Canadian crowd loved him all week. When he made his run on Saturday with the -6, the crowd started growing and growing. There were never any jeers for him and you could tell if a Canadian like Adam Hadwin or Makenzie Hughes weren’t going to win, they wanted Rory. So he gets caught up, throws on the Lowry jersey and screams Raptors in 5.

I will say we do need more basketball related content during PGA events, specifically players wearing jerseys while playing a hole. I 100% want this to be a thing.

PS: Rory’s 61 not being the best round of the week is absolutely hilarious. Shout out Sneds and that 60 he shot on Friday.