Full Thoughts From Game 6 In St. Louis: That Was The Biggest Kick In The Nuts I Can Remember

When I shut my computer a few hours ago, I look at what was on the screen and said “the next time you open this up the St. Louis Blues could be Stanley Cup Champions”. I shut it and turned the lights off and drove down to the game with my dude Boris. It was all so surreal. The entire city one the verge of the biggest celebration you could possibly imagine.

We got to Ryan Kelley the Home Loan Expert’s house (who may be fighting in Rough N Rowdy and is one of the most energetic characters I’ve ever met) and it felt like it was going to be a historic night. We rode down to Enterprise with a Police Escort with the lights and sirens in one of the funniest things I can remember. Two cars full of people with a little rat in a carrier case.

From there we went straight to the set of FS Midwest and Boris made his Live TV debut in front of a very cool crowd outside of Enterprise. The little dude even got some hair and makeup done from his new co-parent Crosby Hull and was looking like a million bucks.

It was all so goddamn cool and seemed like the perfect lead up to a historic night. We had everything ready in case it happened. The amount of preparation and strings I was pulling the past 2 days to make sure we could get Boris in the Cup if it happened was nuts, but there is no other way to go about it. Everything was ready. We went into the rink for the game and it felt so surreal. Was this really about to happen? Like honestly, in real life were the Blues going to win the Stanley Cup at Enterprise Center? I’ve been going to games there my entire life and its hard to put a grasp on the situation at that point.

The game completely sucked. The 5 on 3 at the beginning is exactly what the Blues didn’t need and from there it was just a tight, frustrating affair. The end of the game blew open and everyone just couldn’t believe it. So goddamn frustrating to be in a building where everybody paid $2,000 dollars in tickets and didn’t get excited almost the entire time. I honestly never felt the magic one time where I honestly thought “Holy shit this is gonna happen!” past maybe the first 3 minutes of the game when every shot seemed to be a chance at the building erupting.

I have no regrets about getting excited because what else are we supposed to do? You have to prepare like it could be the real thing because if it is, you only get to do it for the first time once. Right now though? It really just hurts. So shitty man and there aren’t a ton of silver linings other than the fact that its not over and we have another chance on Wednesday. The opportunity to win at home for your first championship ever is something of biblical proportions, and its not going to happen this year. But you know what? Winning Wednesday would make every single ounce of heartbreak over the past 50 years worth it.

We’ll see you in Boston.

P.S. If Jon Hamm doesn’t come to Game 7 on Wednesday with some sort of special effects beard I think we may have to excommunicate him from the city for a few years. INSANE move to shave a playoff beard before Game 6. I have worn the same smelly,sweaty clothes for 2 months bro, everybodys gotta suffer a little. C’MON!