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Being Kylie Jenner's Professional Best Friend Seems Like One Hell Of A Life

Pop quiz- who is the girl on the left? Any idea? Any idea at all? Well, me neither. But as it turns out, she’s famous. Some would say VERY famous. Her name is Anastasia Karanikolaou aka Stassie and she is Kylie Jenner’s professional best friend. I did some research and that’s literally her job, to hang out with Kendall and Kylie. And let me tell you, there is not a better job in the world. By being Kylie’s best friend, she has amassed over 4 million Instagram followers, which is not bad for being a friend.

Imagine this being your life trajectory- you meet Kylie Jenner as a kid at a Barnes and Noble (Ok so for the Go Pres Go crowd, Barnes and Noble is a book store. A place you buy physical, hard copies of books.) (Books are things you read. Like very long Tweets.).

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 12.26.42 AM

And then…poof! You’re in. You’re in with the richest family this side of the Saudi Royal Family

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 12.26.53 AM

And then next thing you know Kris Jenner is pumping your ass with all the silicone money can buy and you’re making 7 figures a year just for showing up

Some people dream of being firefighters. Others aspire to be president of the United States. But kids, if you really want to live the dream, be a professional best friend. Shit, even think about it at a lower level. Tommy Smokes sat next to Dave at the right time during March Madness and then next thing he knew he was flying on private jets across the country, on 4 different college football shows, making HOF appearances on Fox News, and being spoofed on SNL.

So hey kids, reach for the stars. Find someone rich to be best friends with.



PS: It’s pretty funny how this girl moved up a slot and became the new best friend after that other girl fucked Tristan Thompson. I wonder how many millions upon millions of dollars that 5 minutes with Tristan cost her, and on the inverse, earned this chick. What a wild, wild ecosystem being friends with the Kardashian family is.