The Nats Just Went Back-To-Back-To-Back-To-Back

I love this stuff. Back to back is fun enough. Back to back to back? Always a treat. But back to back to back to back????? An absolute delight. Can’t help but smile watching everyone go bananas in the dugout. When a team is having fun it’s a whole new spark. And right now the Nats are having fun. When they were in that ridiculously brutal slump, it was the worst baseball I’ve seen in forever. But now they have that new spark. Everyone is mostly healthy, Trevor Rosenthal isn’t giving up 15 earned in 2 innings, and things are cooking as the recipe said it would.

And speaking of back, if they hold on to this 5-1 lead, the Nats will be a nice 11-4 in their last 15. That is a team that is very much back. Still some ground to make up on those Phillies, but hey, a lotttt of baseball left to be played.