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We Just Witnessed One Of The Most Disrespectful Goals In Lacrosse History

For the first time ever, we have a regular season professional lacrosse game on broadcast television today. That’s right, bitches. The future is here. Pro lacrosse is on NBC and millions upon millions of folks get to watch the greatest players in the world go at it. One of those greatest players in the world is Connor Fields.

He had one of the greatest college careers of all time and he played half of his college career on a torn ACL. His entire junior and senior seasons were played on busted knees and he still ended up being 2nd all-time in NCAA DI scoring history. So when he made the jump with the rest of these guys to the PLL this summer, we knew we were going to be in for a show. Little did we know he was about to completely embarrass Callum Robinson on national television with this disgusting fake BTB.

Obviously that’s a rough look for the Big Koala. But considering Fields had just hit the pipe on a behind-the-back shot right before that, he had to bite on the fake. And bite he did. Good lord. That was just silly. And the fake was silly enough, but to then step in and stick one while everybody else is still trying to figure out what just happened? The lacrosse world has known about Connor Fields for quite some time, but now the rest of the world gets to know about him too.

P.S. – This behind-the-back goal from Miles Thompson was nasty until you realize that he routinely sticks this same shot on a 4×4 goal in the NLL. Not that it wasn’t a great goal regardless, but it’s almost cheating that he gets to shoot on a 6×6 net in field lacrosse.

Pro lacrosse on NBC featuring a full mixtape of highlights. Doesn’t get better than that.