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Susan Reimer of the Baltimore Sun Writes a Metric Ton Of Bullshit About Adrian Peterson Following the Death of His Son


Sun - In the days since the child’s death, it has come to light that the unmarried Mr. Peterson may have had as many as five children by four different women. They include a 6-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy by his current girlfriend, a 4-year-old with a dancer in a “gentleman’s club” in Dallas and a 3-month-old with a waitress in Minnesota. He is said to be providing financial support to those children. All of this transpired at the conclusion of a week when the call for the Washington Redskins to abandon a nickname viewed by some as offensive reached fever pitch, culminating in sportscaster Bob Costas’ self-righteous address, delivered during halftime of Sunday Night Football. President Barack Obama has suggested that owner Dan Snyder think about changing the name, the league is applying pressure on the team, and any number of sportswriters have said they will not use the name in their reporting. But, so far, nobody has criticized Adrian Peterson for his careless and cavalier sexual behavior. The question we should be asking is not whether Mr. Peterson should have played football Sunday. But whether he should have worn a condom when having sex. Or whether he should be having sex with waitresses and dancers at all. While the death of the boy is a horrible tragedy, that doesn’t disqualify us from considering Mr. Peterson’s casual approach to parenthood. Why are we so indifferent to this kind of casual, serial fatherhood? We praise our sports heroes when they set examples of good citizenship in their adoptive communities, but we haven’t got the guts to call them out when they behave like alley cats. Real men don’t have to take responsibility for a handful of children they never saw coming because real men wear condoms when they are having sex with women they barely know, women who might be looking for a payday pregnancy. These NFL stars are not real men. They are careless adolescents. And the children are the ones who pay for their play.

Back up the fucking truck, what in the world did I just read? In that chunk of text that the Baltimore Sun actually published in their newspaper, Susan Reimer blames Adrian Peterson’s sex life for the brutal murder of his 2 year old son, she compares his sex life to the Redskins name controversy, and shames Peterson’s life choices that she believes led up to his son’s death. In what world does she live in where anything she wrote is acceptable? And the hypocritical aspect of her column is laughable. On one hand she bashes us for calling football players heros, but on the other hand she finds it her responsibility to judge the day to day life of one. I can’t figure out how she gets off on calling out AP for what he does off the football field, while at the same time calling what Bob Costas did “self-righteous”. Using a 2 year old’s death as a platform to attack AP is about as low as it gets. Where’s your article about the man who beat the kid to death?

PS: I do respect her working in the Redskins name thing. She knows where the bread is buttered. It’s like when Ludacris was in every rap song for 4 years. When something’s hot, you gotta roll with it.