LeBron's Finals Streak Continues With This Pure Jumper From The Stands

Listen, you never know when a game is going to break out. Sometimes you just need to pack your finest LeBron jersey, get your girl a shirsey and head to the game. Get your seat right behind the bench and start launching jumpers from the stands.

Now, why the hell is this dude wearing a LeBron jersey? I have no idea. It’s an outrageous move. But, I appreciate him owning it and going no sleeves. That’s just flat out saying that you’re ready to get mocked and not give a shit.

As for the jumper itself? That form STINKS. It stinks out loud. Learn BEEF for me one time, guy. Balance, eyes, elbow, follow through. That’s a disgusting jumper. It’s Ben Simmons-esque. It’s Celtics in the playoffs-esque. It’s horrible. You can’t be sitting here wearing a full on LeBron jersey and attempt a jumper like that.

Also, sup?

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.56.56 PM