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The Kawhi Leonard Trade Has Forced McDonald's To Give Away Almost $6 Million In Free French Fries

Not only does Board Man get paid but he also feed the hungry in Ontario. I honestly didn’t think the Kawhi Leonard trade could be any more of a win for Raptors fans. Making a run to the Finals while also not having to watch your star player get benched during the playoffs was already awesome enough. But to then get a bunch of what may be the best fast food item in the game for free along the way puts it on another level.

The best part about all of this is there is no chance Kawhi has a clue how many lives he has changed for the better. He probably doesn’t even know what McDonald’s is. He just sees those iconic golden arches as a place he can refuel. Kawhi won’t be calling himself Fry Guy or any shit like that any time he shoots a three. He just shows up to the game when his coach tells him to, puts up numbers, then goes home when everyone else does.

I also have to shout out McDonald’s for not altering the deal like the article says they could have.

Judging by the previous season — in which the Raptors averaged 11.8 threes a game without Leonard or proficient three-point shooter Danny Green, also acquired in the Leonard trade — McDonald’s had figured the Raptors were likely to hit at least 12 three-pointers in about half of the 82 games in the regular season. After the Leonard trade in July 2018, there was time to tweak the 12-shot threshold, since the program wouldn’t start until the fall season, but McDonald’s chose not to.

The Raptors’ three-point shooting, though slow in the early part of the season, outpaced the previous season, but not by much. Last season, the Raptors hit 12 or more three-pointers in 43 of 82 games, and added another five games in the playoffs. This season the three-point threshold was reached 44 times in the regular season and another 10 — so far — in a much longer playoff run.

Say what you want about Ronald McDonald and the company he keeps (looking at you, Grimace). But not altering a deal to give away free food based on the amount of three pointers hit despite the Raptors adding 3 threes made per game from Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green for DeMar Derozan’s 0.1 three made per game as well as the whole “Both those guys don’t disappear in the playoffs” thing is some honorable stuff.