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Newest Japanese Sex Fetish - Licking Eyeballs AKA Oculolinctus

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Huff Po - A dangerous fetish has eye experts seeing red and those who practice it seeing pink. It is eyeball licking — a strange erotic activity wherein participants actually put each other’s tongues on each other’s peepers. Alternatively called “oculolinctus” or “worming,” eyeball licking has few public advocates but they include Elektrika Energias, a 29-year-old environmental science student in the U.S. Virgin Islands. “My boyfriend started licking my eyeballs years ago and I just loved it. I’m not with him anymore, but I still like to ask guys to lick my eyeballs,” she told The Huffington Post. “I just love it because it turns me on, like sucking on my toes. It makes me feel all tingly.”It’s also a very intimate act, she said. “I don’t ask just anyone to do it. Guys I like a lot are more likely to not think it’s so weird. I’ve never had anyone turn me down though,” she said. Eyeball licking has been around at least since the mid-2000s and a simple YouTube search brings up hundreds of videos from oculolinctus lovers who want to share their peeper porn with others.  However, eye experts are worried that this dangerous fad is gaining popularity with preteens, especially after news reports of elementary school students in Japan who dared to test their ocular boundaries and caused multiple cases of pinkeye, otherwise known as conjunctivitis,the Daily Caller reported. In one classroom of 12-year-olds, one third of students confessed to “worming” or being “wormed.” Officials only noticed something was up when some of the licked students showed up to school wearing eyepatches, reported.

Fucking Japan! They just don’t quit. They are absolutely relentless with their perverted bullshit. They got fucking 12 year old licking each other’s eyeballs. Making out with each other’s peepers passing around pinkeye like a bunch of disgusting, crusty eyed sexual deviants. This is so fucking crazy it almost makes me feel inferior. You know what I mean? I certainly don’t want to get “wormed” or “worm” a bitch but I just feel like a goddam prude when I see these stories. Here I am eating pussy like a complete loser. The occasional rim job right out of the shower. And there are fucking 12 year olds in Japan who make me look like a goddam virgin as they blow each other’s eyes. Unbelievable.

Never change, Japan. Never change.