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Dude Arrested For Driving On Wrong Side Of The Highway - Tells Cops He Thought It'd Be Faster That Way

The Indy Channel

GREENFIELD — A 19-year-old Indianapolis man was arrested and charged with reckless driving after he drove the wrong way on the interstate Wednesday afternoon.

Captain Robert Harris of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department said De’Ante Parrish was not impaired when drove a black Chevrolet Camaro the wrong way on Interstate 70 east of Greenfield. Parrish told officers at the scene he thought it would be faster if he drove on the other side of the interstate.

Harris said Greenfield Police Department Seargeant Michael Schwamberger, Hancock County Sheriff Brad Burkart and Chief Deputy Major Robert Campbell were returning from a meeting when they saw Parrish and they were able to stop him before any crashes occurred.


I mean spot the lie here. If there are less people on the other side of the road then it’s going to be faster to drive that way. That’s just logic. Now are you endangering the lives of all of those drivers and putting them in harm’s way? Well, that’s for the court to decide, but if we’re trying to decipher if his logic was right or wrong then I think a jury is going to have a hard time siding with the prosecution.


I do love how the cops said he wasn’t impaired while driving. Might want to get those breathalyzers checked out. Maybe he was so drunk he broke them with a high score?