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Study Says Angry Legos Faces Having A Negative Impact On Our Children

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MSN – Maybe it’s all that back-breaking slave labor working under child bosses all day and building plastic skyscrapers — but Lego people are grumpy. The number of happy faces on the toy figurines is decreasing while “angry faces” are on the rise, according to a study by the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. The expert behind the investigation, which examined all 6,000 Lego mini-figures, says Lego figurines’ facial expressions can have a “significant impact” on children, noting they will “remember not only smileys, but also anger and fear in the mini-figures’ faces.”

I know ordinarily I rip studies like these apart. Talk about how this generation of kids are growing up like soft pussies and its all because of shit like this. But I gotta be honest – the Angry Legos are a bunch of cocksuckers. Like lighten up, Angry Legos. Your life isn’t that bad.  You can be a pirate or an astronaut or cowboy on any given day. Thats a pretty fucking awesome deal if you ask me. I know life ain’t all roses when you can’t bend your arms or knees but would it kill you to fucking smile once in a while?

I mean who knows. Maybe this study is right. Kids sit around all day dreaming about being Knights or Vikings or Ninjas. Now they see a Lego who gets to be one of those things, and he’s still a total asshole. Maybe that does have an effect. Maybe that kid decides he’s gonna be a grumpy asshole too because he can’t even be a ninja. If Lego Ninja is angry then my life sucks even more. I’m just a fat little kid playing inside with pieces of plastic because I have no friends. Fast forward 10 years and that kid is kicking down the door and shooting up the school. All because of Angry Legos.