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Vince Carter Continues To Defy Logic And Reason

I’ve probably watched this clip a hundred times since I first saw it on my timeline last night. With Vince Carter dropping the news the other day that next season is going to be his last, to then follow it up with a nice little reverse dunk in full dress clothes just tells me he needs to keep going. The thing about this video is he could have done a windmill or something crazy if he wanted to if he didn’t give a shit about his clothes and this is where I remind you that this is 42 year old man who has played 45,491 minutes in his 21 year career. By all reason and logic his body should not be able to do things like this at all, let alone in slacks and a dress shirt. They say Vince Carter is half man and half amazing and I don’t know how that’s even debatable at this point.

I’m sure there are some stoolies out there reading this blog in their business casual outfit sitting in their cube because for some reason their office in 2019 still has a dress code even though you’re doing nothing but cold calling all day and don’t see a single client. I used to have to do that back in the day and it made absolutely no sense. Just let people be comfortable what are we doing. Think of how restricted you are and how uncomfortable life is for you. Now Vince Carter’s clothes are probably made with the finest materials on earth but that still doesn’t mean something like this isn’t impressive. Just add to this to the list of reasons why we as a society cannot let Vince hang em up. Unless he’s going to be putting on a dunk show as part of his TV work in retirement, I need someone to sign him and then convince him to stay beyond this season.

Speaking of that, take a look at where the current odds are to where Vince ends up

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 8.25.40 AM

I think it’s only right that his final season be in Toronto so that he and that fanbase can end on the right terms. Things were sort of a disaster when he left the first time and demanded his trade, and I can’t think of a better way to follow up what could be a NBA title than bringing back Vinsanity for one last go around. Who knows, maybe being back in Toronto would convince him to keep going.

Fuck it, it’s Friday so hit play and blow off those TPS reports