BREAKING: Russian and American Warships Come DANGEROUSLY Close To Colliding In The East China Sea


A Russian warship and a US warship have come close to collision in the western Pacific Ocean, with each side blaming the other for the incident.

Russia’s Pacific Fleet said the cruiser USS Chancellorsville crossed just 50 metres (160ft) in front of the destroyer Admiral Vinogradov at 06:35 Moscow time (03:35 GMT).

It was forced to perform “emergency manoeuvring” to avoid the US ship.

But US forces blamed the Russians, claiming their ship was responsible.

US Seventh Fleet Commander Clayton Doss called the Russians “unsafe and unprofessional”, saying their destroyer “made an unsafe manoeuvre against USS Chancellorsville”. He dismissed the Russian allegation as “propaganda”.

Remember this morning when I said we’re in a new Cold War?  Well we might actually be in a full on war war.  Look at how close these two ships came to crashing into each other.  This is pretty fucked up:

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And it’s all because of a Goddamn TV show.  Look Vladimir, it’s just Hollywood.  No need to get your panties in a bunch.  Go and make your remake, tell the world America was to blame for the show, get laughed at, and carry on riding horses and eating shit on hockey rinks with your KGB cronies and shit.  Don’t take it out on billion dollar guided missile cruisers.  That’s taking shit too far.

It’s just a goddamn TV show.  Fucking Putin, man.