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Dude Tosses Chick Like A Rag Doll On Puerto Rican Day

There are a few things you can always rely upon in this world – the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, water is wet, and there will be violence in New York City during the Puerto Rican Day Parade. More of a skirmish than an all out fight or brawl I expected, but none the less some good old fashioned violence. Its an absolute guarantee. Write it in ink, chisel it in stone. There’s always gonna be Puerto Ricans throwing fisticuffs in early June. They strap their flags to the hoods of their cars, they honk their horns as long as humanly possible, they ride around in those low rider Mexican bicycles, and eventually they will fight with each other.

You just gotta hope no bullets start flying. Thats why this video here was such a success. The police didn’t even really do anything. That one dude chucked that broad like he was taking out the trash and cops just separated everyone and let them carry on. Last thing you want is to start arresting some Puerto Ricans on Puerto Rican Day. Thats when you have a full blown uprising and people get shot. Just blow some horns or drop a Reggaeton beat or something to make them happy and avoid a real riot.