Warriors Fans Put Up A Billboard In Drake's Neighborhood Reminding Him He Actually Loves Golden State

Let’s just run through what we’ve had so far in the NBA Finals off the court:

– Drake wears Dell Curry jersey to game 1

– Drake gets into it with Draymond Green calling him trash after game 1

– Drake wears a Kevin McAllister sweatshirt to game 2

– Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant tell ‘Aubrey’ that they’ll see him in the Bay and he’s a bum ass after game 2

– Drake sends an IG post after game 3 trolling Klay Thompson and his ex-girlfriend

And now before game 4 we have Warriors fans putting up a billboard in Drake’s neighborhood reminding him of this lyric from The Motto about his love for San Francisco and the Bay Area

Now, I know people may be sick of all this off the court stuff. But, not me. It’s entertaining as hell. That’s why we watch sports. We want to be entertained, especially when it’s not our teams playing. So without a real rooting interest besides for 7 games, give me all this stupid drama off the court to go with it.

The billboard itself is fine. Just a lyric of Drake’s talking about how he’s going to do it for the Bay. He’s talked about it before and how the area was the first to show him love before he blew up. But, I get it. You want to put up anything that has Drake talking kindly about the Bay and the Warriors. Not a real burn or anything though.

So let’s get to 7 games and keep this off the court shit talking going. Let’s get Guy Fieri involved already though.