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Bruins Need To Turn The Page Quickly

NHL knows they done fucked up. Look where this highlight starts.

That’s a kick to the nads. Not only a trip but a slew-foot to boot. Right in front of the ref. A guilty offender ready to plead his case. And no call. 2-0 with less than 10 minutes left. And the Bs couldn’t overcome it, unable to get the equalizer in the last 6:28 despite coming oh-so-close a couple times.

After coming out a house of fire, the Bs couldn’t get shit going once the Blues took a 1-0 lead. When they did have the puck, they once again looked for the extra pass or fancy pants play instead of just flinging pucks from all over to cash in on a rebound. Not to mention they’re playing inside of a Slush Puppie so the puck isn’t gonna do what they want it to do.

The refs have stunk across the board all playoffs. But they hadn’t left a major stain on any of the first four games of the Stanley Cup Final. They sure did last night. Instead of a penalty on Tyler Bozak, the Blues doubled their lead. And credit to the Blues, they held onto it.

Bruce Cassidy needs to take a page out of Craig Berube’s book (not the page on hitting guys high) and make sure his charges have moved on after getting porked on a huge call. The non-call didn’t cost the Bs the game but it sure did fuck them.

Now we’ll see the Bruins desperate for the first time since the First Round, which feels like it was played 8 months ago. And right about now they look like a team that needs some desperation in its game. Frankly, they’ve looked better in St. Louis than they have at home.

A few more buds for your bowl…

*Zdeno Chara showed once again that he has balls of steel and suited up with what is believed to be a broken jaw. I couldn’t rub one out with a busted jaw let alone play hockey. He deserves all the praise he gets. But he was clearly hobbled out there and struggled at times.

*Cassidy opted to go with 7 D and 11 F for the first time I can remember. Maybe adding Steve Kampfer was an insurance policy in case Zee couldn’t last all game. But it also took away potential offense and changed up the same routine they’ve been used to for 100+ games.

*As I reported yesterday, Matt Grzelcyk did not play last night because he didn’t get the OK from the doctor. The extra day off before Game 6 can only help get him back into the line-up. Because the team hasn’t been the same since he went down.

*The Bruins really miss the shit out of Kevan Miller this series.

*I know there’s been some scuttlebutt that Brad Marchand has a hand injury. I have no idea if he does or doesn’t but if he is hurt, it would go a long way to explaining his lack of production and subpar play. He’s just out of sorts out there and looks reluctant to shoot. And if he really did get hurt during that stupid fucking scrimmage, then it was a dumb risk by the franchise. It’s not like sold out intra-squad scrimmages right before the Cup are common practice. There’s probably a reason why.

*One guy who has been aces is Tuukka Rask. He had some tough luck this series. But he’s gives the team a chance to win every game and he will again Sunday.

*The Bs power play went 0 for 3 and if they ever threatened, I don’t remember it.

*The top two lines continue to suck 5-on-5. The Blues are doing a great job checking them but they continue to be a no-show and can’t seem to fight through it. I wonder how much confidence is a factor this late in the season. Because the top six looks like the opposite of confident right now.